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 Mission Statement

   The Kings Park Jewish Center is the only Jewish presence in Kings Park.  It is our mission to provide services religious, educational and social for the Jewish residents of Kings Park and the surrounding towns.  We adhere to traditional conservative doctrines. 

    The Jewish Center plays a pivotal role in this town.  We have a community Hanukkah celebration at the Kings Park Library grounds that include the Chamber of Commerce, town elected officials, school bands, the community at large and the Kings Park Fire Department that built and maintains their own menorah.  We participate in all legal holidays, i.e. Memorial Day, Veterans Day, September 11 etc. 

    The synagogue provides classes in adult education on Jewish issues, and classes in Hebrew reading and prayer.  We have guest lecturers on current Jewish issues.  All programs are open to the public regardless of religion or affiliation. 

    Our overall mission is to be a visible Jewish presence in this town and to participate in all community events.